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Dani Lleonart was born in Barcelona in 1989 and grew up in La Floresta, a small town just outside the capital. He developed his musical sense attracted to blues, funk, latin, punk-rock, ska, reggae and electronic musicIn 2005, already in contact with the hip-hop culture, he discovered the human beatbox in the streets of Barcelona. At that moment he started a long and autodidact journey influenced by greats like Razhel (USA), Eklips (France) or the Catalan Markooz.

“I’ve always had a passion for music and entertainment but in this I found a mixture of both that captivated me.”

At the age of 17 he takes the stage as a beatboxer in the rap-reggae group Palabrakdabra and starts performing around Catalonia becoming known as Dani Pulmon or Pulmon. During the 5 years with the band (2006-2010) they recorded three albums to which he provides his first instrumentals produced with his voice. Other bands were interested in his talent on stage and soon Pulmon becomes part of several musical projects simultaneously. Highlights are Bufa&Sons (with Xavi Lozano), Citxileo (Samba-Reggae), La Crú (Hip Hop).

In 2009 he joins the Spanish beatbox community and participates in the the Movistar Barcelona Extreme Beatbox Championship 2010, Beatbox Battle Spain 2010 and Beatbox Battle Spain 2009. In that last contest something happened that broke all his schemes. The French international Eklips made everyone one in the room dance for an hour only with his voice and a small machine. The freshness and strength of the show convinced Dani to start a new musical project.

Influenced by artists like Beardyman,  Dub FxRicoloopMC Xander o RamZ, Pulmon achieves the goal of generating an hour long show. Thus he begins to share stage regularly with bands and DJs. Tirelessly improving the quality of his sound he investigates for years the best way to transform his voice into irresistible rhythms. With original songs and covers by Bobby Mc.Ferrin, Ray Charles, Michael Jackson, Bob Marley or Manu Chao, he begins to move across the country. His rhythms sound like funk, reggae, electro-swing, house, dubstep, drum & bass, Balkan and are well received on the dance floors.

In 2011 he wins the Boss Loop Contest Ibérica and qualifies for the final in Frankfurt (2012). There he competes with musicians from around the world, among whom are great figures of beatbox such as Vahtang (Russia) and En.dru (Czech Republic)  with Ricoloop (Germany) on the jury. Since then Pulmon devotes his life to music only.

Since 2012 his music has been heard in theaters, festivals and events which include the Ibiza Roots, Sonar Kids, Rototom Sunsplash, Iboga Summer Festival, Heart Room Ibiza, Luz de Gas, Festival (a) phònica, biorhythm Festival, Sala KGB, Festival Gergo Vibes, Burgos Principal Theatre, Fiestas de La Merce Festival of unusual instruments Burgos, Explosive Room, Visual Sound Festival and the Kursaal Theatre. He has shared the stage with artists such as Rapsusklei, La Selva Sur, Macaco, the Sisa, Kiki Sound, Swingdigentes, the Chojin, Mrs. Tomasa, Sr. Wilson or Lágrimas de Sangre. Outside his country Pulmon has been heard in the Netherlands, Italy and France and has shared the stage with international artists like Balkan Beatbox, Alpha Blondie, Caravan Palace, Skatalites, Goran Brekovic, DJ Vadim, Elisa do Brasil and Skarra Mucci.

In 2014 he won the competition of bands on the Iboga Summer festival with Moon Wok (electroswing) and had the opportunity to play as a warmig up band for the legendary Skatalites band on the main stage.

Offstage he has worked in commercials, video games and teaching: some highlights are the 3rd price in the India 2013 Video Contest on Mofilm for the Drive Club game for Play Station 4  and the TV commercial Hurricaine Oral Spray soundtrack. In both spots the soundtrack was entirely produced by human voice and human beatbox. He also created the soundtrack and the sound for Footchinko, a video game that is available in minijuegos and other online platforms.

In 2014 he made the presentations for the smartphone LG G3 in Seville and Madrid with a show of beatbox and humor created by Grison Beatbox. In the same year he also presented events such as Visual Sound Festival, Saló de l’Ensenyament or Peixera Festival. In 2015 he participated in the TedEx Barcelona Educación, performing live music on the Teamtowers project presentation. The same year they repeated the show at the annual ceremony of Telefonica. 

As a teacher he normally conducts workshops and master classes for individuals, groups, cultural centers and music schools in Barcelona and other parts of Catalonia having been even invited a couple of times to perform in a prison (Quatre Camins Prison).

Throughout his career he has been seen and heard in the media on TV 2, TV 3, RTVE, La Xarxa, Onda Cero and in digital media in, Essential Ibiza, Última Hora, Diario de Ibiza or Diari de Sabadell among others.

After four years devoted to music, in 2016 Pulmon continues to improve his show of covers and improvisation. In the Ibiza scene he collaborates with visual artist Violeta Galera and works with other A’Capella groups in Barcelona. In his free time he continues to record in the studio for his first album produced entirely with the human voice. It’s almost there, stay tuned!


 3r premio en el India 2013 Video Contest de Mofilm para el juego Drive Club de Play Station 4


Footchinko in Minijuegos